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Margherita's Crispy Pepperoni Chips are a Simple Party Sampler

Margherita's Crispy Pepperoni Chips are a Simple Party Sampler


It’s getting down to the wire. Is the house clean? Did you get the invites out? Are you stocked and ready?

Get set…


Shops and commercials are in a craze about the Big Game coming up Sunday, but let’s be honest, for those hosting it’s just one more thing to stress about.

Margherita, however, is offering up an alternative to help keep your kitchen worries to a minimum.

Part of the John Morrell Food Group, the Smithfield Food subsidiary is recommending its Crispy Pepperoni Chips with a creamy dipping sauce accompanying the product.

"Our Crispy Pepperoni Chips are simple, unique and delicious, which is what the Margherita brand is all about," Art Scott, Senior Marketing Director for Margherita, said in a press release. "You've never tasted a game day chip like this, but this rookie game day dish has all-star potential with a taste that simply can't be beat."

Promising a twenty-minute prep time from start to serve, the company provides a recommended way to best enjoy the Crispy Pepperoni Chips.

Margherita also offers a number of fine Italian meat products with alternative online recipes that are easy to access and prepare.