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Mini Babybel Offers New Mozzarella-Style Cheese

Mini Babybel Offers New Mozzarella-Style Cheese

Chicago, IL-
By Delimarket.TV Staff

Mini Babybel has launched new mozzarella-style Mini Babybel cheese to join the ranks of individually portioned snacking cheese that include Mini Babybel Original, Light, Sharp Original, White Cheddar, Gouda, Cheddar and Bonbel.
"Our team is thrilled to introduce the newest flavor of Mini Babybel. Mild, creamy, and absolutely delicious, new mozzarella is the perfect snack or lunch addition for the whole family," said Dan Waters, Marketing Director at Bel Brands USA, parent company to Mini Babybel®. "We know that mozzarella is a favorite flavor among snack cheese lovers, so we've packaged all of its greatest elements into the tasty, portion-controlled form of Mini Babybel. With the introduction of this new variety we now have yet another satisfying snack option everyone can feel good about enjoying."
The new Mini Babybel Mozzarella has 50 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 20 percent daily calcium in each tasty portion. With limitless pairing options, there individually portioned cheeses create a one-of-a-kind snacking experience every time a piece is unwrapped

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