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New Brand "Cakes Under the Influence" Brings Alcohol-Influenced Creativity to the Baking Category

VERNON HILLS, IL New brand Cakes Under the Influence is introducing baking kits that are bringing a cocktail-influenced twist to the category. Cakes Under the Influence features five creative varieties: Apple-tini, Minty Mojito, Pina Colada, Champagne Mimosa, or Boilermaker shot. “Eyes pop when people first see cakes in the shape of their favorite martinis, margaritas, or champagne cocktails,” says Ken Treske, Co-founder of TRAK Marketing, the company behind the new brand. “And when they taste the cakes and the unique flavors hit their palette they start buzzing about the cake and start asking questions. It’s a ‘hero’ moment for home entertainers.” Using existing muffin pans, the kits can be configured with a choice of six different shaped baking molds along with matching baking papers and crystal looking stemware made of clear acrylic, according to a press release. The company also provides a smartphone app that features dozens of recipes. Users can pick between lo-proof and hi-proof versions to change the amount of cocktail flavoring used in the cake, and even rate or submit recipes. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Why not try these cakes for your party this Monday? Cakes Under the Influence