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"Olive Oil Man" Drives California Olive Oil and Olive Sales in South Carolina

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and CHARLESTON, SC Mark "Morty" Mathias may not be able to walk, but his disability hasn't hindered his sales abilities. In 1992, Mathias was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. This disease has made him unable to walk or drive a car and he uses a high-tech wheelchair. Before his diagnosis, Morty had already distinguished himself as a food industry executive. Currently, he is an independent broker for West Coast Products-Olinda Brand. "I always aspired to sales, anything that would put my problem solving skills to work," he said. "My grandfather owned a grocery store and my father was in food sales. This left a direct influence on me, a taste for moving products." From his home base in Charleston, SC Mathias runs a prosperous business selling olive oil and olives across several states to food distributors, independent chefs, food service establishments, and specialty food shops, according to a press release. He sells high volumes of about 9,000 gallons of extra virgin olive oil and 4,000 pounds of olives annually and he doesn't consider himself bound by his disability. "Most people don’t optimize their situation. I’m tenacious and think about the most efficient way to persevere." West Coast Products-Olinda