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Oscar Meyer Goes Gluten Free

Oscar Meyer Goes Gluten Free

MADISON, WI-Oscar Meyer is going gluten free. Consumer insights have led the company to make the full line of Oscar Mayer Selects gluten-free.
According to a release, the research organization also reported that 2012 finished with almost $4 billion in gluten-free retail sales and that number is expected to grow to $6.6 billion in four years. Food Marketing Institute attributes that rise to celebrity endorsements and weight loss programs, which are driving the desire for gluten-free options.
"The gluten-free diet is growing in popularity and Oscar Mayer wants to provide consumers with choices at the grocery store," said Heather Buettner, Oscar Mayer Senior Director of New Product Development. According to recent research by Mintel, gluten-free was the most popular "not-in-there" label on pasta, cookies, crackers, sauces and spices.

"At Oscar Mayer, we’re always listening to consumers and we’re hearing that shoppers are looking for gluten-free foods. Our social media listening revealed that conversations around gluten in cold cuts and hot dogs are up more than 250 percent versus a year ago," said Buettner. "With an entire line of gluten-free cold cuts, hot dogs and bacon to choose from, Oscar Mayer provides consumers with a wide range of affordable choices they can feel good about."

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