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Pastoral Artisan Cheese Presents the Twelve Days of Cheesemas

Pastoral Artisan Cheese Presents the Twelve Days of Cheesemas


With the holidays already underway, Pastoral is making sure that the countdown to Christmas will be exceptionally cheesy this year with its 12 Days of Cheesemas promotion.

For the next 12 days leading up to December 25th, the company will be presenting its 12 favorite cheeses for the holidays, as well as gifting them in stores, according to a press release. Each day, one lucky randomly selected customer will receive a free piece of cheese.

Pastoral has already featured Paesanella for the first day of Cheesemas. It’s a well-rounded sweet cheese that is as versatile as it is intriguing. It pairs equally well with sweet and savory foods alike. For the second day, the company gave away its Chiriboga Blue, a light and creamy blue cheese from Germany. For the third day, Pastoral featured the Pantaleo, an aged goat’s milk cheese. For its most latest fourth day, the company gave away its Driftless sheep’s milk cheese.

Be sure to stay tuned to Pastoral’s blog for the latest in its cheese giveaways in the 12 Days of Cheesemas!

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