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Piller's Expands Allergen-Free Line of Deli Meats for School Children

Piller's Expands Allergen-Free Line of Deli Meats for School Children

Piller’s Fine Foods has expanded its successful allergen-free Simply Free line of deli meats to keep school lunchrooms safe this school year.

With 300,000 Canadian children affected by food allergies, Piller’s has expanded its deli meat line to help manage this increasing health issue. According to Anaphylaxis Canada, about one in every 100 Canadians has celiac disease and must avoid gluten, but the expanded Piller’s Simply Free line is free of gluten and all other major food allergens, including milk, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, sesame, egg, fish, soy and sulphites, without compromising on great taste. The expansion includes more sliced meats like Pastrami and Capicola, meat snacks, sausage, ham and fully cooked breakfast options such as cornmeal back bacon and breakfast sausage rounds, according to a press release.

“After our successful launch of Simply Free allergen-free deli meats last year, we received many letters from parents thanking us for providing delicious products that the whole family can enjoy with peace of mind that their kids can eat safely,” said Rita Weigel, Piller’s Director of Marketing. “One mother of two children with threatening food allergies wrote to thank us, and another called our products a ‘miracle’. Responses like these provided encouragement to further expand the line.”

The new Piller’s Simply Free line is now available at grocery stores across Canada.

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