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Pizzabox Vending Machine Promises Fresh Hot Pizza in 90 Seconds

Pizzabox Vending Machine Promises Fresh Hot Pizza in 90 Seconds


The Box Brands, the creator of the Burritobox, is bringing its hot and fresh vending machine concept to pizza with Pizzabox.

The machine, which is still in testing, will sell 10-inch fresh pizzas right out of an 800-degree oven in 90 seconds for $5, according to CNET.  The pizza will also come with a knife, fork, parmesan, oregano, red pepper, a wet towelette and a napkin.

Denis Koci, Founder of The Box Brands, told Crave, “The experience can only be compared to a chef pulling a pizza out of the oven in the kitchen of a restaurant.  It’s impossible to eat as the cheese is still very melty, the crust is browned and pizza in general is piping hot.  You must let it cool for 5 to 10 minutes, which if perfect if you’re taking it on the go.”

Check out the Pizzabox in action below:

Koci also told Cravy that the machine will feature live video-chat customer service for any questions.

“We are initially launching it as the first-ever drive-through pizza experience,” Koci said.  CNET reports that indoor locations will consist mainly of airports and colleges, with the University of Southern California being the first test spot.

The target release date for the release of the vending machine is early 2015.