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Sara Lee Offers New Angus Roast Beef

Sara Lee Offers New Angus Roast Beef

Chicago, IL-
By Delimarket.TV Staff

Sara Lee has announced the launch of its Angus Roast Beef, available behind the deli counter.

The company’s line of deli meats is continuously evolving to provide a variety of high quality, flavorful productions. The brand has recently updated its offerings with the introduction of Sara Lee Angus Roast Beef.

Available in Angus Rare and Medium Roast Beef, Sara Lee’s offerings are made with the highest quality meats and ingredients to ensure consumers can create delicious meals to satisfy their appetites without sacrificing flavor.

Both varieties of Angus Roast Beef are made with USDA choice Angus without added nitrites or nitrates. They also boast no fillers and are gluten free.

Sarah Lee Angus Roast Beef