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Sartori to Launch Limited Edition Extra Aged Goat Cheese

Sartori to Launch Limited Edition Extra Aged Goat Cheese


Sartori Cheese is releasing its limited edition, extra-aged goat cheese.  This handcrafted cheese is made in small batches and will be sold through July to specialty cheese shops throughout the U.S.

“Within our traditions and our innovation and craft, we created a hard goat’s milk cheese aged at least 10 months. When you try the cheese, you’ll notice savory, caramel notes which help to create a mild and balanced cheese,” Sartori master cheesemaker Pam Hodgson said in a statement.

The cheese was launched in 2012 and has since won multiple awards, including a gold medal at the Global Cheese Awards held in the United Kingdom, according to a press release.

To source the freshest, highest-quality goat’s milk, Sartori partners with family-owned and operated LaClare Farms.  “They believe feeding a good quality, balanced ration to their goats to produce natural, high quality milk, which in turn plays an important role in our quality goat cheese,” Hodgson said in a statement.

A limited supply of wedges will also be available for sale at the Sartori online cheese shop.