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Schafer Solutions Offers Revolutionary New Display Case

Schafer Solutions Offers Revolutionary New Display Case

Schafer Solutions has introduced a revolutionary new display case at the International Dairy Deli & Bakery Association’s Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. It features a display which rotates vertically creating a more dramatic visual impact - creating an ideal way to draw immediate customer attention and sell more merchandise.

“We believe this display case will truly impress our customers. It’s a special design pioneered by Schafer Solutions to meet the needs of any retail store anywhere that seeks to attract attention to its products, create a lasting impression and so sell more,” said Bud Karachiwala, Business Manager of Schafer Solutions. “And we are very pleased to bring it to market at a very attractive price,” added Mr. Karachiwala.

This new case is targeted for boutique stores, supermarkets, drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, fine jewelry stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, coffee shops, delis and bakery stores.

Schafer Solutions self-serve products including the Mobile Pastry Case, the Countertop Pastry Case, the Countertop Pie & Cake Case, the Cookie Dispenser, Bulk Cereal Dispenser, Bagel Dispenser, Cupcake/Muffin Dispenser and modular Bread Dispensers along with a variety of coffee amenity and condiment organizers. These have set a new standard for eye-catching cases for display of pastries, cereals, breads, sandwiches, tacos, burritos and other freshly prepared foods to go. All are made of brilliantly clear acrylic plastic and accented with edge glow sides to attract customer attention. The beauty of Schafer Solutions’ edge glow plastic is that it creates a glowing neon effect without the use of any external electricity or batteries.

All Schafer Solutions’ displays are designed to reduce food poisoning by minimizing bare hand contact with ready to eat foods and by being easy to keep clean. They also feature a tight design to keep air out to keep baked goods fresher for a longer period. Schafer Solutions’ specialty lies in “High Volume Customization”. Most plastic display manufacturers excel in offering either “High Volume” products or “Customized” products. But only Schafer Solutions offers both.

Since its inception in 2010, Schafer Solutions has exhibited at six major trade shows and introduced over thirty new products. The Company has won recognition for its innovative designs and the brilliance, aesthetics, fit and finish of its products. At the 2010 International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show in New York City, Schafer Solutions won an Editor’s Choice nomination for the Most Innovative New Product for its bagel dispenser. At the 2011 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Schafer Solutions’ Bagel & Cupcake Dispensers won 6th place in the Show’s Top Ten Hot New Products.

Mr. Karachiwala concluded “Schafer Solutions is proud to be a ‘100% Made in The U.S.A.’, ‘Employee Owned’ company and we strive to enhance food safety, encourage recycling and use recycled materials as much as practicable.”
“Our goal is to add “wow” to our retail customers’ product displays through innovative, beautiful and eye-catching displays, cabinets and dispensers,” said Mr. Hudak, the parent company’s President & CEO. “Now more than ever, the battle for customer attention in a retail store is brutal and Schafer Solutions can help the retailer be a winner in that battle,” concluded Mr. Hudak.