Sobey’s Inc. Announces New Partnership with Famous Chef

Sobey’s Inc. Announces New Partnership with Famous Chef

Stellarton, NS

Sobey’s Inc. announced today its new partnership with world-renowned chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver to educate, inspire, and empower Canadians to eat better.

“It’s a real honour to be working with Sobeys, a fantastic organization that has been bringing fresh food to Canadians for 106 years now,” commented Mr. Oliver. “I've always received an extremely warm welcome from Canadians, and I'm thrilled to be joining the Sobeys’ team.”

Through extensive market research, Sobeys has determined that 73% of Canadians say they would like to eat better than they currently do. With a food-focused, fresh-driven offering, Sobeys has a natural appeal for Canada's increasingly health-conscious consumers. The national food retailer will evolve its store experience and product assortment over the next several months to address customers’ increasing desire for better food solutions.

“Providing quality food for Canadians has always been our passion and at the core of our business,” says Marc Poulin, President & CEO, Sobeys Inc. “We recognize the needs of our customers are changing and so we’re embarking on a journey to better meet those needs at Sobeys stores. Partnering with an advocate like Jamie only further enhances our commitment to delivering the best food retail experience.”

Oliver, who has been inspiring people to eat well all over the world for 15 years, is dedicated to empowering and educating as many people as possible, giving them the chance to have a better future. His books and TV series are enjoyed by millions across the globe and his charity, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, works tirelessly to raise the profile of food education through its work in communities and schools in the UK, US and Australia.