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Target Takes Aim At Walmart

Target Takes Aim At Walmart

Toronto, ON-
By Delimarket.TV Staff

Target’s first televised Canadian ads, which ran during the recent Oscars, placed the brand’s bull’s-eye directly on Walmart – promising perpetual short lines at the cash register.

Better on-floor service and shorter wait times at store cash registers are key pillars of the “expect more” part of the corporate slogan, said Livia Zufferli, Director of Marketing at Target Canada, and sets it apart from its industry peers, according to the Financial Post.

“The cash-out experience is very quick,” she said, not outlining a specific amount of time. “You don’t have to wait. Those are big differentiators.”

In the highly competitive discount retail market, wages and benefits represent some of the highest costs. Putting fewer workers on the floor or at cash register are routine for retailers in the sector.

“[Target’s manifesto] is a direct attack on Walmart, because it really goes through the major criticisms that people have against it and other big-box stores,” said Ken Wong, professor of marketing at Queen’s University.

“When people complain about Walmart, they never complain about the prices. They complain about all the things you give up to get those prices — that you can’t get any service.”
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