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Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson Discusses the Global Dairy Industry

Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson Discusses the Global Dairy Industry


During the IDF World Dairy Summit in Yokohama, Tetra Pak president and CEO Dennis Jönsson shared his thoughts with FoodBev on the future of the global dairy industry. Tetra Pak is a leading supplier of processing and packaging solutions for the dairy industry.

“The global dairy industry is facing an era of unprecedented change: with rising demand, a shifting geographic balance, changing consumer expectations, and an ever-sharpening focus on food safety, food security, and environmental impact,” said Jönsson, saying that dairy companies need to embrace new thinking, new solutions, and new approaches to respond to these challenges.

In terms of the future of the dairy industry, Jönsson says he believes that the world is set for a decade-long boom in milk consumption, with demand for Liquid Dairy Products (LDP) set to surge by around 30% from 2010 to 2020, driven by economic growth, urbanization, and the rising purchasing power of Asia’s middle class. With the rising middle class, Jönsson suggests that these consumers are expected to take more interest in food safety related issues, healthy living, and the environment. In addition, they are likely to be more brand-conscious and interested in products that meet the needs of their busy, urban, on-the-go lifestyles.

“I am convinced that our industry has the creativity, dedication, and vision to seize the opportunities offered by phenomenal growth, creating the new strategic partnerships, business models, and innovative technological solutions that will ensure we all succeed.”

How will these trends truly affect the dairy industry in the future?

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