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Thieves Steal $26k Boska Cheese Slicer from the Amsterdam Cheese Museum


This weekend was a busy one for the Amsterdam Cheese Museum after the most valuable cheese slicer in the world was stolen off its premises. The over $26,000 cheese slicer was locked in a display cabinet in the museum’s basement. The large price tag prompted a thief to claim it as their own. An employee noticed the theft Saturday night after closing. 

The slicer was developed in 2007 by cheese tool producer Boska Holland in collaboration with the Argentinian Jewelry Designer Rodrigo Otazu. The designer is internationally known for his extravagant jewelry designs, creating pieces for well-known stars such as Britney Spears and Madonna. The slicer is studded with 220 diamonds.

Martijn Bos, CEO, Boska

"This is the finest and most expensive cheese slicer in the world," said Martijn Bos, CEO of Boska. 

In a press release, Bos has asserted that world-renowned the cheese slicer was not only unique and monetarily valuable, but also held great symbolic value.

"We are doing our best to make the world familiar with the experience of eating cheese. Our core business is to manufacture and sell cheesewares®, but we also engage in creative collaborations with the purpose of making cheese cool. This was the case with the Otazu slicer," Bos continues. "Over the course of time, many have shown interest in purchasing the shiny slicer. But the Cheese Museum at Prinsengracht wanted to display the slicer to the general public for all to admire, and we provided them with that opportunity. At first I thought that the theft was a cheesy joke because after all, we are only a month from April Fool’s Day, but that was not so."

There is footage of the suspects and a sketch has been drawn. It is important that the cheese slicer be returned; therefore, tips regarding the suspect are welcome. Anyone whose tips lead to the successful retrieval of the valuable slicer will receive a reward of Cheese Gift Basket and the world’s largest cheese fondue set, a Mr. Big Fondue.

Boska Holland