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Tillamook Award Winning Cheese and New Dessert Yogurt Line

Tillamook Award Winning Cheese and New Dessert Yogurt Line

Tillamook, OR

2013 has been a strong year for Tillamook, a Oregon based farmer owned cooperative. At the recent American Cheese Society Conference, Tillamook earned seven awards across multiple dairy categories including cheese, sour cream, butter and yogurt. The awards received included three first place awards, three second place awards and one third place award.

“We are proud of these recent awards as it is a reflection that our brand consistently makes great-tasting, award-winning dairy products” says Jay Allison, Tillamook VP of Sales and Marketing.

While Vintage White Extra Sharp 3 year reserve cheddar and premium sour cream both took home first place awards Tillamook was delighted that its Marionberry Light Yogurt was among the first place prize winners. The company is launching a new dessert yogurt line- Tillamook Light Yogurt . The new item is naturally sweetened with Truvia® sweetener and contains real Marionberries from the Pacific Northwest creating a uniquely sweet and tart flavor.
Tillamook took the opportunity at ACS to announce the release of their new dessert yogurt line; expanding their presence in the yogurt category with a first-of-its-kind product. The dessert line is naturally made with real, high-quality ingredients including fruits and honey sourced from the Pacific Northwest. These fresh berries add full-flavor and a natural sweetness to Tillamook Dessert Yogurt. The complete line consists of Honey Cinnamon Crème Brûlée, Marionberry Cobbler and Peach Raspberry á la Mode.
Allison says, “Our goal was to give consumers a dessert option made with real, wholesome ingredients that still tastes indulgent.”
Tillamook Dessert Yogurt will be available for consumers in a 24-oz. size before being available in the 5-oz. individual size.

Congrats Tillamook, on the wonderful awards and the new yogurt line!