Tillamook Crowdsources Dairy With the Launch of Consumer

Tillamook Crowdsources Dairy With the Launch of Consumer "Co-Op"


Tillamook County Creamery Association has unveiled a new online community, "The Tillamook Co-Op." The Co-Op was created with the intention to empower consumers to take a more active role in understanding and influencing their dairy products.

Those who join the Tillamook Co-Op will have access to membership meetings, product idea submissions, voting platforms, invitations to exclusive food events, and the opportunity to take part in a microloan program powered by KivaZip to support community food projects in need.

Patrick Criteser, President and CEO, Tillamook"We are excited to launch this new brand campaign, which we believe will build deeper connections with consumers and contribute to the broader conversation about real food," says Patrick Criteser, President and CEO of Tillamook. "Our century-old, farmer-owned values guide how our ingredients are sourced, how our farms are cared for and how our five categories of products are made. 'Dairy Done Right' and The Tillamook Co-Op express our longstanding ideals in a modern way."

This addition is part of Tillamook’s new "Dairy Done Right" campaign, that seeks to educate consumers about dairy the same way they are being educated about items like meat and produce. According to a press release, Tillamook is educating consumers about the value of supporting sustainable food, local agriculture and natural ingredients.

"By engaging in a transparent, two-way relationship with fans through The Tillamook Co-Op, we hope to create change that reaches far beyond Tillamook, and even beyond dairy," says John Russell, Senior Director of Marketing at Tillamook.

Tillamook chose the name ‘Co-Op’ to reflect the company’s mission and conveys the collective feeling they are hoping to achieve through both online and real life experiences for members. The Tillamook Co-Op is free to join, and through it, Tillamook is bringing the real food movement to life by connecting, inspiring and celebrating community members.

For more information and to join The Tillamook Co-Op, visit Tillamook.com. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ForRealFood.