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Tomra Sorting Food Brings Simplicity to Meat Sorting

Tomra Sorting Food Brings Simplicity to Meat Sorting


Tomra Sorting Food’s new Nimbus sorting machine is made to bring simplicity to sorting meat.

Bjorn Thumas, Director of Market Development Food, Tomra Sorting Solutions“The Nimbus meat sorter is a modular sorting machine that uses free-fall, avoiding moving parts which is important regarding sanitary requirements,” Bjorn Thumas, Director of Market Development Food at Tomra Sorting Solutions, said, according to a press release. “Sorting your meat with Tomra’s Nimbus meat sorter guarantees food safety, and a high quality meat product virtually free of any foreign objects.”

According to the company, the Nimbus provides an ideal solution for sorting various meats including:

  • bacon bits
  • beef jerky
  • individually quick frozen (IQF) meat

The machine also reportedly detects and rejects foreign materials like bones, plastics, wood, aluminium, paper, metal pieces and burned pieces.

“The sorting solution was inspired by the free-fall Nimbus sorter, which already has a proven track record within the food industry,” Thumas said, adding that the Nimbus is user-friendly and calibration-free. “Our research and development (R&D) department has developed a special sanitary version to make it easy for cleaning which ensures there are no hidden parts which meat could stick to. The sorter also has an open frame design, including a special mount for optics, to prevent bacteria growth.”

The Nimbus meat sorter also complies with the specific requirements of the meat industry in relation to material handling and sanitation, according to Tomra, letting the meat fall to an inspect zone to be scanned by lasers before completion.

Thumas said that the Nimbus meat sorter provides the operator with a program that automatically gives the correct sorting parameters, which he noted is vital for an efficient sorting program. This can be adapted by the operator, however, changing the criteria when necessary as they see fit.

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