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TreeHouse Foods Completes Acquisition of Associated Brands

TreeHouse Foods Completes Acquisition of Associated Brands


TreeHouse Foods Inc. has completed its previously announced acquisition of Associated Brands, a leading private label manufacturer of powdered drinks, specialty teas, and sweeteners from TorQuest Partners and other shareholders.

Associated Brands had sales of approximately $200 million for the twelve months ended June 30, 2013. TreeHouse paid CAD $187 million (approximately US $180 million) in cash for the business, subject to an adjustment for working capital, according to a press release.

TreeHouse Foods is a food manufacturer that primarily services the retail grocery and foodservice distribution channels. Its products include non-dairy powdered creamers, private label canned soups, refrigerated and shelf stable salad dressings and sauces, powdered drink mixes and single serve hot beverages, hot cereals, macaroni and cheese, skillet dinners, Mexican sauces, jams and pie fillings, pickles and related products, aseptic sauces, and liquid non-dairy creamer.

Associated Brands primarily focuses on manufacturing dry packaged products such as flavored drink mixes, hot chocolate drinks, dessert mixes, soups, bouillon, side dishes, and oatmeal, in addition to nutritional and weight management products.

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