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Vermont Creamery Introduces Crumbled Goat Cheese

Vermont Creamery Introduces Crumbled Goat Cheese


Vermont Creamery is introducing its new crumbled goat cheese in four delicious flavors: Apricot Thyme, Cranberry Tarragon, Tomato Basil, and Classic Chevre.

These flavored crumbled goat cheeses are 100% all-natural, made with an award-winning Chevre recipe, and blended with high-quality herbs and dried fruit, according to a press release. After coagulation is complete, the fresh curd is then drained in cheese cloth at cold temperatures. When it reaches the right texture, it is hand-crumbled and mixed with dried fruit and fresh herbs before being packaged.

All of these flavors of crumbled goat cheese have no anti-caking agents like cellulose, so there's no 'dry mouth feel' as with some other crumbles.

These are perfect for salads, pasta dishes, as a pizza topping, or as an ingredient in many easy recipes.

Vermont Creamery's Crumbled Goat Cheese