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Wegmans Welcomes New Specialty Cheeses to its Stores

Wegmans Welcomes New Specialty Cheeses to its Stores

BUFFALO, NY Wegmans is bringing a new line of specialty-crafted soft cheeses to its shelves, including Bries, Camembert, and a bourbon-washed Pie d’Angloys, according to Buffalo Business First. The cheeses come from the supermarket chain’s new 12,300 square foot “cheese cave” nearby its corporate headquarters. More than 40 flavors will be featured at the stores. As the first cheese cave facility among supermarket chains in the U.S., it’s certain that this will help reduce shrink for the company, while also giving its customers a superior taste and quality. “We consider this a giant step forward,” said Danny Wegman, CEO. Before, specialty cheeses like Brie, would be shipped to various Wegmans stores where they are washed and soft-ripened. Now, they will be produced by the chain and shipped fresh to stores daily. “When we started this, we were just looking for a way to produce a ‘better cheese’,” continued Wegman. “This is not a little thing we’ve undertaken. This is a totally different skill and may change the way business is done for these types of cheeses and supermarket chains.” Much of the product needed for the cheese will come from area operations in keeping with Wegmans’ promise to work with local farmers and operations, Buffalo Business First reports. Will other retailers follow suit? Stay tuned to DeliMarket TV as we continue keeping track of some of the latest deli innovations. Wegmans