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Whole Foods Market<sup>®</sup> Names 77 New Certified Cheese Professionals™

Whole Foods Market® Names 77 New Certified Cheese Professionals™

Whole Foods Market cheesemongers were put to the test this year during the second annual American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional™ exam on July 31, in conjunction with the 30th Annual American Cheese Society conference in Madison, WI.

Seventy-seven of Whole Foods’ cheese experts from 2 countries, 21 states, and 67 stores were tested on their mastery of all things cheese, including cheese making, ripening, storage, handling, nutrition, and more, according to a press release. Whole Foods Market now has 147 Certified Cheese Professionals, an elite few who have mastered all aspects of cheese, from farm to counter.

“Whole Foods Market cheesemongers are as passionate as they are talented when it comes to cheese, and we have worked hard to train them to earn this highest honor with classes, group study, and even field trips to dairies,” said Cathy Strange, Global Cheese Buyer for Whole Foods Market. “Our Team Members love sharing their deep knowledge with our shoppers, so helping them become certified is really a win-win-win for the cheesemonger, Whole Foods Market, and our customers.”

“I’m so thankful to Whole Foods Market for its commitment to education and to artisan cheese producers and for the opportunity to turn my passion into a career,” said Janelle Libertone, Cheesemonger at Whole Foods Market Sebastopol. “I’m proud to work for a company that lends so much support to develop its Team Members and I’m proud to be a Certified Cheese Professional.”

Whole Foods Market also teamed up with a number of cheesemakers to have its 2012 Certified Cheese Professionals make special cheese to commemorate this accomplishment. The following special cheeses will be available in stores nationwide this fall.

• MT TAM from Cowgirl Creamery, by Leah McFadden and Danielle Slater from northern California
• Humboldt Fog from Cypress Grove Chevre, by Lisa Purrington from the Fairview store, Brad Daschbach from the Arabella store and Kristin Paine from the Cambie store
• Asiago from SAXON Creamery, by Kari Foley from Florida
• Gran Queso from EMMI Roth USA, by Tiffany Cunningham from the global cheese team
• Bonne Bouche from Vermont Butter and Creamery, by Shannon Tallman from the Portland, Maine store

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