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Wholly Guacamole Celebrates National Guacamole Day

Wholly Guacamole Celebrates National Guacamole Day


National Guacamole Day is rapidly approaching, and Wholly Guacamole®  is determined to make this September 16th one marked by generosity and giving back.

"We all get caught up in the day-to-day rhythm of our own lives and need a reminder to do something for someone else without thought of pay back," said Tara Murray, Senior Marketing Manager at Fresherized Foods, the makers of Wholly Guacamole®. "We are always looking for fun ways to celebrate National Guacamole Day and we love the concept of paying it forward, so 'Guac it Forward' is the combination of the two."

According to a press release, Wholly Guacamole® will #GuacitForward on September 16th with a guacamole-filled afternoon for shoppers in Fort Worth's Sundance Square Plaza. Participating shoppers will receive two Wholly Guacamole® product coupons, in order to encourage sharing with friends. The Guac Mobile truck will also be on site, bringing customers fun-filled games and activities to inject some levity into their shopping experience.

Some ways which Wholly Guacamole® suggests consumers can #GuacitForward include:

  • “Put a grocery cart away for an elderly person or a mom with her hands full.
  • Invite a friend on a walk to encourage a healthful lifestyle.
  • Share a book with a friend or give a book to a child.
  • Donate blood.
  • Donate little-used board games to a shelter.”

This September 16, remember that when someone pays you a kindness, #GuacitForward!

Wholly Guacamole