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Wholly Guacamole Introduces Signature Bean Dips

Wholly Guacamole Introduces Signature Bean Dips


The makers of Wholly Guacamole® brand are welcoming three new, natural, preservative free, and kosher certified bean dips to its line of pre-packaged dips, which also includes Wholly Salsa® products.

These three new options combine fresh avocado with chef-inspired bean dips and add a unique twist to any snack session or party spread, according to a press release. The bean dips are packaged in 10 ounce containers and can be eaten cold or warm with little to no prep time.

· Taco Bean Dip & Guacamole - Featuring the timeless flavors of Hass avocado, pinto beans, roasted corn and tomato, this dip is blended to perfection with paprika, cumin, oregano, and masa spices.

· Black Bean Dip & Homestyle Guacamole - This yummy option consists of black beans, corn, garlic, and cumin, all layered on top of the Wholly Guacamole® Homestyle dip, which is composed of creamy avocado, Serrano peppers, cilantro, and lime.

· Avocado, Black Bean & Roasted Corn Dip - A member of the Wholly Salsa® category, this option combines chunks of avocado, whole black beans and fire roasted corn with spicy red bell pepper, a bit of cilantro and a hint of jalapeño pepper for a flavorful kick.

“There is currently no national bean dip brand in the produce and deli section, which provides a great opportunity for the Wholly Guacamole® brand to step up to the plate,” says Tracey Altman, vice president of marketing at Fresherized Foods. “As the makers of America’s No. 1 selling guacamole, we’re excited to add these dips to our family of products!”

Be sure to look for these new great-tasting bean dips at your local grocery store!

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