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WinCo Looks to Expand in Arizona and the West Despite Resistance

WinCo Looks to Expand in Arizona and the West Despite Resistance


WinCo Foods is looking to further expand its footprint throughout Arizona and the western United States despite mounting pressure from activists. It appears as though nothing is standing in the way of this unstoppable grocery juggernaut.

Known for its “no-frills” approach, WinCo currently has four stores in Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, and Phoenix, Arizona with a proposed store in Surprise and another planned store in Gilbert. The company is planning further expansion in Arizona and in the western United States, although spokesman Michael Read would not go into detail about specifics, according to AZCentral.

“We have a number of sites we’re looking at in some stage or another…We continue to develop and grow all the time,” said Read, noting that the company foresees opening 10% more stores each year nationally.

WinCo’s successes are due to the company’s ability to balance low prices with fair employee treatment, said Burt P. Flickinger III, of the Strategic Resource Group, a New York-based consumer-industry consulting firm.

“The WinCo model is to have low prices to bring in a high volume of shoppers and pass profits on to other team members so customers and employees can live better lives,” he said, also mentioning that he doesn’t expect WinCo’s rapid expansion to slow down.