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The Wine & Cheese Corner: Tempranillo Pairings

The Wine & Cheese Corner: Tempranillo Pairings

SACRAMENTO, CA Tempranillo is a deep rich red wine which pairs well with salty, creamy, and blue cheeses. For this reason, I've selected some salty and washed rind cheeses this week. Wine: Tempranillo, Ibericos, Torres, Rioja, Spain, 2009 imgs 040314 Cheeses: Gypsy Cheese Co.'s Gypsy Rose Fromegerie Badoz's Doceur du Jura Tradition Briarde's Brillat Savrin imgs 040314

From left to right: Gypsy Cheese Co.'s Gypsy Rose, Fromegerie Badoz's Doceur du Jura, Tradition Briarde's Brillat Savrin

Gypsy Cheese Co.'s Gypsy Rose, a washed-rind raw goat cheese from Valley Ford, CA. The cheese washed with a whey-brine during aging to achieve an orange/pink rind and a soft, supple texture. The Gypsy Rose has a very unique intense flavor and pungent aroma. I was nearly overwhelmed by the intensity of the taste and pungent aroma, but when paired with the wine and some wildflower honey, it was actually quite palatable. Fromegerie Badoz's Doceur du Jura, a lightly washed, soft-ripened, runny cheese from France. Translated to mean "gift of the Jura," this cheese was quite good. Its saltiness complimented the wine nicely. This spreadable, runny cheese was perfect on crostini bread. Tradition Briarde's Brillat Savrin, a soft ripened, triple cream brie made from unpasteurised cow's milk from France. This cheese was very creamy, with nearly the texture of cream cheese. It was a very nice brie, but I was surprised by the amount of saltiness. Less creamy and more salty than a typical brie, it paired very well with the Tempranillo. Be sure to check back next week for more wine & cheese pairings. Gypsy Cheese Fromegerie Badoz Tradition Briarde