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Yancey's Fancy to Expand in New York

Yancey's Fancy to Expand in New York

Pembroke, NY-
By Delimarket.TV Staff

Yancey’s Fancy is working on a proposed expansion plan that would more than triple the size of its main plant. The company’s tentative plans envision the current 30,000 square-foot plant as a 102,000 square-foot facility.

Yancey’s Fancy Vice President of Operations Brian Bailey expects the cost to be over seven million dollars, according to Buffalo Business First.

The project is slated to be completed by late 2014, with work beginning later this year. The project could see the Genesee County cheesemaker’s local employment grow from 110 to 190 workers in the next few years.

“We’ve outgrown our plant,” Bailey said. “The reality is, every day, we are trying to squeeze six gallons into a five-gallon bucket.”

The introduction of several new lines of cheese and bigger deals with retailers have both influenced the need for expansion.

While Yancey’s Fancy’s main plant is in Pembroke, it also has a 40,000-square-foot refrigerated storage facility in Batavia.

With the expansion, the production and distribution of Yancey Fancy’s processed cheeses will be made through the expanded portion of the Pembroke plant. Natural cheeses will be made in the current 30,000-square-foot plant. The Batavia operation will remain as cold storage for the company’s aged cheese products.

Yancey’s Fancy’s produces more than 9 million pounds of cheese products annually and has estimated annual revenues of $33 million. The expansion could see the company increase its yearly production to 15 million pounds and allow revenues to approach $50 million.

The company makes more than 45 different flavors and types of cheeses
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