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IDDBA Releases New Digital Merchandising Research

IDDBA Releases New Digital Merchandising Research

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA)™ has released the latest of its original research, this time in conjunction with Brick Meets Click, a retail technology consultancy firm.

Digital Merchandising for Deli and Bakery is a free report available to both members and non-members of the IDDBA, offering insights into both digital shopper omnichannels as they grow in relevance and how in-store deli and bakery departments can grow sales by embracing online technology.

You can download IDDBA's Digital Merchandising for Deli and Bakery report by clicking here

Alan Hiebert, Senior Education Coordinator, IDDBA“Technology continues to create new opportunities for food retailers and manufacturers to engage and connect with today’s shoppers,” Alan Hiebert, Senior Education Coordinator for IDDBA, said in a press release. “Our latest research provides industry professionals with the information they need to successfully implement marketing and sales processes in the various channels their shopper base frequents.”

The IDDBA also identified four key areas in which the research highlights “key paths to purchase,” including:

  • Moving shopper towards a “purchase decision” before coming to the store.
  • Using new digital devices to promote additional purchases by making ordering and purchasing both faster and easier.
  • Aligning with click & collect, local delivery services, or self-service dispensers to make it easier for shopper to purchase.
  • Encouraging shopper conversations and feedback so as to increase engagement, plus boost return trips.

Other recent research done by IDDBA, which can be found in greater detail at, include Total Store Connectivity: Revealing New Pathways to Win – Specialty Cheese and Engaging the Evolving Shopper, Online Grocery Business Models: Click & Collect and Drive, and more.