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Jennie-O Offers New Resources for Modern Holiday Cooking

Jennie-O Offers New Resources for Modern Holiday Cooking

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Jennie-O is on a mission to help families achieve a tasty and simple holiday season with an expanded selection of resources on the "Holidays and Events" page.


"Creating an iconic holiday meal—whether it's for Thanksgiving dinner or other events throughout the season—is always an exciting occasion," said Heather Teisinger, Brand Manager at Jennie-O. "Our new 2015 holiday resources include deliciously easy turkey recipes, unique side dishes and convenient holiday hacks that will help hosts everywhere feel confident they can prepare a beautiful, great-tasting feast their friends and families will love."

Jennie-O’s newly expanded "Holidays and Events" section makes it easy for modern hosts to prepare a unique and great-tasting holiday feasts with flavorful turkey recipes and full menus featuring creative and unexpected side dishes and desserts. The page also includes a variety of helpful tools like how-to videos and do-it-yourself tips.


Some of the resources you can find on Jennie-O’s expanded Holiday and Events resource page include:

  • Resources to get from planning, to preparation, to praise
    • Starting with the season's iconic centerpiece—a delicious, perfectly cooked turkey.
  • Demonstration videos and turkey preparation tips 
    • Become educated on the finer points of carving a turkey, marinating a turkey, grilling a turkey, brining a turkey, or applying a seasoning rub
  • New impress-the-guests menus for 2015
    • Introducing four new options for hosts looking to serve up a feast that is the perfect blend of convenience and creativity.
  • A simple solution for tender, perfectly cooked turkey every time 
    • With OVEN READY™ Turkey, hosts can be confident they will impress their guests with a tender, perfectly seasoned turkey.

To see more of how Jennie-O is trying to make this Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays the most memorable yet, head to or connect on Facebook and Pinterest.