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Jimmy Dean® Kicks Off New Marketing Initiative through Shine it Forward

Jimmy Dean® Kicks Off New Marketing Initiative through Shine it Forward

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Jimmy Dean® brand is pushing America to “Shine On” and help spread optimism by joining the Shine it Forward movement. The brand kicked off this launch with #MondaysForGood

Through this new marketing campaign, Jimmy Dean is encouraging people to make Monday mornings better by helping others. The brand stresses that no act of kindness is too big or too small.

“We believe that good mornings lead to great days. By participating in #MondaysForGood, our hope is that peoples’ actions will create a positive chain reaction, turning Monday mornings into the best day of the week,” said Eric Schwartz, Group VP and General Manager, Jimmy Dean brand.

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The brand even gave its team members the ability to take a Monday off to help others as well as having office employees participated in several Shine it Forward activities by packing thousands of bags of food for children in need, according to a press release.

The brand will also be utilizing a 30 second TV spot created by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago nationwide to help spread awareness. 

“Great tasting breakfast helps start the day off right, and when you start the day off feeling good, you’re bound to do good,” said Schwartz. “We’re doing our part to show what’s possible when we work together, and we hope others will be inspired to follow. This is about the power of optimism in action and doing good, not just on Mondays but every day of the week.”

Jimmy Dean hopes that other employers will follow suit and is leading a petition for people nationwide to make #MondaysForGood a national holiday.

With this campaign, how could you not look forward to Mondays?

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