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Karoun Dairies Grows Blue Isle's Product Line

Karoun Dairies Grows Blue Isle's Product Line


Karoun Dairies is raising the bar this year with the launch of Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks, Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Spreads, Blue Isle Mediterranean Greek Yogurts, Blue Isle Feta Cheeses, and Blue Isle Sour Creams. Designed for a growing health-conscious population, Blue Isle seeks to replace old grocery staples with tasty and nutritional alternatives. 

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks are made in California’s Central Valley, and will be released in a larger 32 oz. size for the first time at the Summer Fancy Food Show. These all-natural yogurt drinks have 10 live and active cultures, as well as a high concentration of protein and low fat. Rich in probiotics and calcium, these functional drinks can be enjoyed as a nutritionally dense breakfast treat, in smoothies, as a topping to granola or as a healthy snack.

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks can be enjoyed in the following creamy flavors:

  • Original
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Pomegranate

In 2014, Blue Isle launched a line of yogurt spreads that included live cultures, probiotics and calcium, but without the added sugar. According to a press release, with only 60 calories and 6g of fat per 2 tbsp. serving, Blue Isle has nearly 40% fewer calories and total fat than the leading cream cheese. At this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, Blue Isle will be adding Strawberry to its line-up of yogurt spread flavors.  The products are also all-natural OU Kosher certified.

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Spreads are available in six flavors:

  • Original
  • Honey
  • Blueberry
  • French Onion
  • Spicy Vegetable
  • Strawberry (The Newest Flavor) 

These Yogurt Spreads were awarded 1st place at this year’s American Cheese Society Awards in Sacramento for the “Greek Style Yogurt and Labneh” categories. Blue Isle Yogurt Spreads are available in the U.S. nationwide at retailers like Harmon’s, Mollie Stones, Central Market, Fiesta Mart, The Fresh Market, New Seasons, H-E-B, Lucky’s, QFC, Fred Meyer, Jon’s Marketplace, Strack and Van Til, Gelson’s, Kings, Bristol Farms and other natural food stores at a suggested retail price is $3.29 for an 8 oz. tub.

Other products that will be shown At this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show include:

  • Blue Isle Mediterranean Greek Yogurt - made with fresh, Grade A, all-natural Real California Milk and contains live probiotic cultures that aid digestion. Blue Isle Mediterranean Greek Yogurt comes in Plain Non-Fat and Plain Full-Fat as well as the following delicious flavors - Honey, Honey Coconut, Honey Blueberry, and Honey Vanilla.
  • Blue Isle Mediterranean Feta Cheese - made with a blend of the purest cow and goat’s milk, which has been aged and cured in brine to achieve a tangy, yet delicate taste.
  • Blue Isle Mediterranean Sour Cream - made with all natural ingredients in the Mediterranean old country style with no stabilizers, just cream and cultures. Used for dips, toppings or to thicken soups and casseroles, this is an extremely versatile product that is available in Original and Lite.

Meet the team and sample Blue Isle’s new Mediterranean products by visiting booth #466 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

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