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Laura Werlin Teams with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin to Share Pairing Tips

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin continues to break ground and move the mountains of Wisconsin cheese that consumers crave in 2019. From premiering its first-ever commercial to crushing it at the World Cheese Awards to putting together the world’s largest cheeseboard, the association was jumping off an epic 2018 when we visited their giant cheeseboard-themed pavilion at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

I spoke with speaker, author, and renowned cheese expert Laura Werlin from the show floor to learn more about what makes the state’s bountiful cheese so unique.

Laura Werlin, Award-Winning Cheese Expert“I am a really big fan of Wisconsin Cheese and one of the reasons for that is that the sort of thread that goes through the Wisconsin Cheese story, is that of family farms,” Laura told me. “And that, to me, is a really exciting thing and it's also really different from the whole rest of the country. So we have been doing a variety of pairings, here at the Fancy Food Show.”

Dairy Farmers of Winsconsin showed off its World's Largest Cheeseboard at Winter Fancy Food Show 2019

Laura was on-hand to educate and offer unique tips and tricks to retailers, foodservice providers, hospitality buyers, trade news writers, and a host of cheese-hypnotized bystanders.

“We've done coffee and Wisconsin Cheese; we've done gin and tonic and Wisconsin Cheese, and we've done hard cider and cheese,” said Laura.

Laura Werlin and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin sampled a variety of cheese pairing options at the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show

Laura continued: “The neat thing about pairing cheese with beverages other than beer and wine, which everybody knows, is that it expands the thinking in terms of, well, what does go with cheese.”

To learn more, watch the brief video interview above.

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