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Lioni Latticini Debuts Burrata Con Tartufo

Lioni Latticini Debuts Burrata Con Tartufo

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Lioni Latticini, the Brooklyn, NY-based manufacturer known for its fresh Mozzarella production, is introducing a new variation to its all-natural and award-winning burrata cheese line, Burrata Con Tartufo

Lioni Latticini's Burrata Con Tartufo

Burrata Con Tartufo features rare Italian black truffles originating from Italy’s region of Umbria, along with panna made from creamy milk and merged with carefully spun pieces of curd called pasta filata. The Italian truffles add a rich and earthy aromatic flavor to a smooth and creamy filled center. With this delicate blend of the finest imported truffles, Lioni has created a sophisticated and indulgent burrata.

Lioni Burrata

Along with its original recipe for Burrata, the World Cheese Award’s gold medal-winning Burrata Con Panna, Lioni suggests serving Burrata Con Tartufo simply at room temperature on sliced Italian bread. Other suggestions the company offered in its press release include with broccoli rabe, over an arugula salad, on pizzas, and over pasta dishes.

Burrata Con Tartufo has a shelf-life of 21 days from its manufacturing date, and is currently available in two sizes, a 1-8 oz. pc per cup and 2-4 oz. pieces per cup for retail, as well as two food service options, 12-8 oz. pieces and 24-4oz. pieces per case. 

For more information on the company’s award-winning line of cheeses, check out

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