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LOOKA Introduces a New Grab-and-Go Refrigerated Line

LOOKA Introduces a New Grab-and-Go Refrigerated Line

In response to the growing trend towards single-serve convenience, LOOKA Patisserie is has announced the introduction of a new line of Gourmet-To-Go items for your refrigerated display cases.

Janette Dolan, Sales & Marketing, LOOKA Patisserie

“We’ve been so excited by the overwhelmingly positive reactions by bakery buyers from retailers big and small. In fact, we are so encouraged by the response that we are already planning other new single-serve introductions,” Janette Dolan, Sales & Marketing for The French Patisserie and LOOKA, tells me. “Convenience and small portions are especially hot right now and we expect the new products are likely to be popular in their new retail-ready packaging.”

LOOKA 6-Pack Macarons

Expanding on its already popular line of 2 slice cakes and six pack macarons, the company is now offering individually wrapped, 2.5-inch single-serving macarons. Available in Pistachio, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Raspberry, these almond meringue cookies with a moist, chewy filling make an excellent grab-and-go dessert for anyone in a rush, or just relaxing at home.

These single-serving items aren’t the only products LOOKA is looking to expand on, however. The company is also getting ready to launch a line of decadent 6-inch cakes. Coming to a refrigerated case near you, this line features 4 unique flavor combinations, including:


LOOKA Chocolate Trilogy Cake

  • Layers of milk, white, and dark chocolate mousse with chocolate sponge cake.


LOOKA Chocolate Maquise Cake

  • Layers of dark chocolate and vanilla mousse with chocolate glaze and chocolate sponge cake.


LOOKA Coconut Mango Passion Cake

  • Layers of mango-passionfruit mousse, coconut mousse, with coconut sponge cake.


LOOKA Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

  • Layers of raspberry and  white chocolate mousse with a hibiscus glaze and vanilla sponge cake.

Looking for more from LOOKA and its foodservice brand the French Patisserie? Check out this link to see all the company’s newest Gourmet-to-Go offerings.

LOOKA Patisserie

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