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Müller® Yogurt Launches New Dessert Inspired Flavors

Müller® Yogurt Launches New Dessert Inspired Flavors

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Müller® Yogurt has launched a new line of dessert inspired flavors.

These yogurt varieties feature creamy yogurt on top of a layer of fruit or caramel sauce and are served with a side of crunchy goodness.

Coinciding with these new flavors, Müller has launched a new national marketing campaign directed to moms. According to the company, the #YogurtwithBenefits campaign highlights its yogurt in the context of real mom moments like: “Even a Rough Day Can Have a Choco Ball Lining” or “Don’t Be Overscheduled and Under-Caramelized.”

One of the highlights of this campaign is that YouTube mom-duo, The Girls With Glasses, created a custom music video that spotlights the day in the life of a mom. Check out the video below:

“We’re always listening to our consumers and creating products and advertising that relate to them in a meaningful way,” said Brian Hannigan, Director of Marketing for Müller Quaker Dairy. “From providing moms with a satisfying snack to enjoy when they finlly get a moment to themselves, to giving them a much needed laugh in their busy day, we believe every woman deserves a yogurt with benefits.”

The company’s new flavors include:

  • Müller Strawberry Cheesecake YogurtMüller Dessert Inspired Strawberry Cheesecake – Irresistibly rich and tangy cheesecake flavored yogurt layered above a sweet strawberry swirl, with a crunchy graham crumble on the side.

  • Müller Raspberry Brownie Supreme YogurtMüller Dessert Inspired Raspberry Brownie Supreme – A layer of yummy lowfat yogurt above a tart raspberry mixture with chewy brownie pieces on the side.

  • Müller Peach Cobbler YogurtMüller Dessert Inspired Peach Cobbler – A sweet and juicy peach swirl layered beneath creamy lowfat yogurt, with crunchy pecan clusters on the side.

  • Müller Dulce De Leche YogurtMüller Dessert Inspired Dulce de Leche Delight – Smooth lowfat yogurt layered over a rich caramel sauce, perfectly paired with crunchy hazelnuts and waffle crisp.

These new flavors are available at participating retailers across the country for a suggested retail price of $1.25.



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