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Alexian Pâté’s Alexandra Tierney Talks New Products at Winter Fancy Food Show

Alexian Pâté’s Alexandra Tierney Talks New Products at Winter Fancy Food Show

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

As we step beyond 2018's Winter Fancy Food Show, I approach the coming season with an eager excitement for the products our industry will continue to roll out. To this note, I vividly remember the first time my friend introduced me to pâté—a moment that changed the direction of my heart and the tastes of my palate forever after, and now I look to Alexian Pâté’s innovative and inspiring ways to keep my new snacking growing more and more!

Speaking with me about all the happenings on Alexian Pâté’s front is Alexandra Tierney, Vice President of Operations, whose excitement jumps right off the page as she describes Alexian’s newest product that the company highlighted for Winter Fancy Food Show: Alexian Olive Oil & Sea Salt Specialty Crackers.

Alexandra Tierney, Vice President of Operations, Alexian Pâté & Specialty Meats“Our new crackers are a natural addition to our product line—our ‘bread and butter’ is our pâté, and now consumers can enjoy an Alexian cracker along with their Alexian pâté,” Alexandra tells me, noting that since being introduced last year, Alexian’s crackers have flourished in retail stores across the country.

With just three ingredients—olive oil, sea salt, and flour—the cracker fits right into Alexian’s product line, which is well-known for simple, clean ingredients. Alexian Pâtés do not contain any preservatives or additives and are made from ingredients that are free from added hormones and antibiotics. Further establishing this reputation for clean eats are the new crackers, which are Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, and Vegan.

Alexian Specialty Crackers

“Consumers purchasing our products have come to know our brand as one they can trust, so it is only natural that they choose a cracker under the same name,"Alexandra continues. "The cracker is meant to be a perfect complement to Alexian pâtés. Depending on the flavor of pâté, other accompaniments may include mustards, fruit chutneys, and pickled vegetables.”

With such a versatile product line, I can’t help but ask about Alexian’s inspiration behind its packaging and how the comapany designs it to capture the eye of consumers.

"We wanted to present something different and more aesthetically appealing than the cracker packaging that was already on store shelves, and we feel we’ve succeeded. The images on the box are absolutely mouthwatering!" Alexandra tells me, before expanding on the appealing packaging throughout the company’s pâté lines. “Our pâté packaging stands out on the shelf primarily due to the attractive sleeve in which it is packaged. There is a large, transparent product window, which showcases the pâté so the consumer can see what they are buying. The vacuum package also keeps the product fresh from the date of production through to the consumer’s refrigerator.”

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Alexian Pâté and Specialty Meats

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