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Big Fork Brands' Founder and CEO Lance Avery Discusses New Snack Sticks and More

Big Fork Brands' Founder and CEO Lance Avery Discusses New Snack Sticks and More

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

There’s a lot of news coming out of Big Fork Brands lately as the company looks to reshape the perception of not only meat snacks, but pork itself. Fresh off the heels of launching its new craft jerky line, entirely pork-based, Big Fork’s Founder and CEO Lance Avery shared with me that the company already has its eyes on its next big launch: snack sticks.

Lance Avery, Founder & CEO, Big Fork Brands

“What I’ve tried to do with our meat products, this new product included, is try to elevate the category. We’re using very few ingredients, no garlic, no onions, so we can’t hide behind flavors. We want the meat to be paramount and delicious,” Lance shares with me of this new launch.

We talk of the category’s usual staples and how much of the meat snacks purchased are out of convenience with little thought to the contents. This is something Big Fork is looking to shift in favor of the rising trend for more awareness in what is being put into the body.

Big Fork Pork Snack Sticks

“Really we’re just trying to create the best-tasting meat snacks out there. The predominant product most people’s preconceived ideas of what a snack stick is would be the Slim Jim, which is more eating out of necessity. We stand behind our product and try to ensure what you put in is what you get out of it,” Lance explains.

Likewise, the ingredient list on the new snack sticks is short and easy to comprehend. Initially launching in three flavors, these products will be available in the following:

  • Original

    Pepper Maple, made with Vermont pure maple syrup

    Thai Green Curry made with a plant-based curry paste directly from Thailand

“We hope to continue to go down the road of unique, flavors like that of the Thai Green Curry,” Lance tells me. "We focus on pork exclusively, working with small independent farmers in Iowa who raise hogs without antibiotics–the pork we use is a great clean canvas to work from. The pipeline is full, and we're ready to kick off more flavors and more products, but I want to walk before I run!”

Big Fork Pork Snack Stick flavors

With plans already in place to work with current distributors who are already asking about when these will be available, Lance shares that Big Fork is still looking to run the full gamut on the launch, explaining that the company is still “small enough to work nimbly.”

All sticks are 1 oz in size coming in 20 sticks to a case, with the majority of sticks only running at 50 calories each except Pepper Maple, clocking in at 60 calories. A high protein balance at 7 grams, the suggested retail price is around $2.25.

For updates on this and other new products looking to rock the shelves of deli, keep checking in with Deli Market News.

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