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Brandon Wolf of Old Hickory Smokehouse Talks Wolf Family of Products

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Authenticity and back-to-the-roots are a rising demand from consumers across all categories, making way for the “artisan” or “old-fashioned” approach. Directly in line with this is the Wolf family, debuting a brand new line and high-lighting a flare of old-fashioned style with Old Hickory Smokehouse.

Brandon Wolf, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Old Hickory Smokehouse“The way we cook is what differentiates us from everyone else,” Brandon Wolf, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Old Hickory Smokehouse, tells me on the Houston show floor. While the family is unveiling its core products, he explains that it’s really new brand of authentically-prepared meats that are being showed off.

Old Hickory Smokehouse either authentically smokes the meat with real wood, or cooks it rotisserie-style. The result is a slogan that I, and I’m betting consumers, won’t soon forget.

“That’s why we have the slogan ‘no junk, no joke.’ We pride ourselves on quality product, we do a lot of things ourselves,” Brandon tells me.

Even the smokers used for the meats are designed by the eldest Wolf brother, adding to the strong family feel the company brings. The culture Brandon describe is that of the family dinner table, with a heavy emphasis on sarcasm, joking, fun, and, he adds pointedly, faith.

It is a culture that makes them comfortable with people and happy to make that connection.

“We enjoy being with people and we think food is a great way to be with people,” Brandon sums up simply.

To see my full interview with Brandon and what they’re bringing from their family kitchen to the retail market, watch the short video above.

Old Hickory Smokehouse