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Busseto Foods' Mike Grazier Talks Fresh New Packaging

Busseto Foods' Mike Grazier Talks Fresh New Packaging

Monday, March 20th, 2017

As the marketplace shifts with consumer desire and demand, the industry is routinely treated to updated looks and innovative answers from companies across the board. Busseto Foods, Inc. is the latest of these, debuting new packaging on the marketplace that was designed and offered to today’s shoppers with a purpose.

As CEO Mike Grazier recently told me, the company partnered with design firm MJR Creative Group and Nielsen to develop a totally new package design that would appeal to both brand loyalists, and those looking to become one.

Busseto Foods' new packaging.

“The marketplace has changed more in the last 5 years than it has in the last 20. Consumers are moving away from heavily processed foods and seeking products with minimal ingredients,” Mike tells me. “It was important for us to stay ahead of the trend curve and present a design that would stay true to our heritage and connect with the needs of the modern shopper.”

The new packaging features a bright, white background to stand out on the shelf, paired with a unique logotype and custom illustrations to catch the consumer eye. The result is a design aesthetic that communicates as unique, sophisticated, and honest to shoppers looking to engage with the brands they purchase.

“We commissioned a fine artist to paint a classic scene of the town of Busseto, our namesake, and another of the outlying Italian countryside,” Mike continues. “All color and style choices were specifically utilized to present a clean, refined, and approachable package. It brought all of our values together, and is reflective of our artful approach to making salumi.”

When the new packaging was tested by Nielsen, Busseto found the following results from U.S. shoppers:

  • 32% higher preference over previous design
  • 25% higher shelf impact than the category average
  • 35% faster to find the brand in shelf tests

Busseto noted that the design outperformed in all generational subgroups and was ranked first in keyword attributes such as unique, fresh, upscale, honest, sophisticated and traditional.

“Retailers are often concerned about how sales will be affected when a brand decides to update their look. With our approach and attention to the needs of the marketplace, we are able to assure success before we hit the store shelves,” Mike says, adding that the new packaging is available now and rolling out to retail shelves nationwide.

To make its narrative even more valuable to the buy-side sector, Busseto also recently launched a new website in tandem with the packaging. The new site, viewable here, features video and photography content to further highlight the versatility of the line, and educate consumers. Busseto is also emphasizing its portfolio on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

As Busseto continues its upward climb in the marketplace, keep checking in with Deli Market News for the latest in packaging, marketing, and more.

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