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Costco Chicken Facility Funding Increased from $180 to $275 Million

Costco Chicken Facility Funding Increased from $180 to $275 Million

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Tuesday night, the Fremont city council approved plans for a larger Costco Wholesale chicken facility in an 8-0 vote, according to source JournalStar.

The original facility plans were 250,000-sq-ft, and the new plans as approved would cover 360,000-sq-ft. The plans for the associated hatchery increased from 75,000-sq-ft to 85,000-sq-ft. There is also an additional 32,000-sq-ft feed mill. City documents say the expansion increases the facility cost to $275 million, up from the original $180 million.

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According to the source, Costco has said that the proposed facility would employ 800-1000 workers, and be capable of processing 350,000 chickens a day. The company is aiming to start construction in the spring of 2017 and have it up and running by 2018.

Chicken Farming Facility

The retail leader is rapidly growing, and announced plans for nine new warehouses in its most recent financial report, and is able to boast the top revenue in Washington state, as we recently reported

What else is on the horizon for the retail giant? Stay tuned with Deli Market News as we cover this and more.