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Daniele Foods Makes Artisanal Old World-Inspired Charcuterie with State-of-the-Art Tech

Daniele Foods Makes Artisanal Old World-Inspired Charcuterie with State-of-the-Art Tech

Monday, November 20th, 2017

With snacking items claiming more and more real estate in stores and fresh foods increasingly driving grocery sales, charcuterie is enjoying something of a renaissance. Items like prosciutto, salame, pancetta, and capocollo are gaining traction with U.S. consumers, and resourceful retailers are realizing the opportunities available to stores that stock high-quality assortments of charcuterie.

Daniele Foods is one company that is primed to meet partners’ needs and help drive sales in deli departments with the highest-quality craft meats. The product of both a storied tradition and state-of-the-art facility, Daniele Foods’ meats have been gaining recognition and growing the profile of prosciutto and more in the U.S.

Davide Dukcevich, Co-Owner, Daniele Foods“Our signature product remains our prosciutto, which has been recognized by Yankee Magazine, America’s Test Kitchen, and the Good Food Awards,” explained Co-Owner Davide Dukcevich. “We are 100 percent family owned. This enables us to plan for the long term. It also means that we give to everything possible to cultivate a positive reputation in our industry. Our family name is at stake!”

In 1945, Daniele Foods Founders Carolina and Stefano Dukcevich—World War 2 refuges—began their business in Trieste, Italy, making sausages by hand and distributing them to local restaurants via bicycle. In 1976, Carolina and Stefano’s son Vlado brought the company to Rhode Island where the company continued to expand production with prosciutto and other craft meats based on his mother’s signature recipes.

Prosciutto aging in Daniele Foods' state-of-the-art facility in Pascoag, Rhode Island

Today, Daniele Foods is an international presence, selling charcuterie to customers nationwide in the U.S. and beyond. The company recently moved into a $90-million-dollar facility in Pascoag, Rhode Island, making its Old World-inspired craft meats with the most cutting edge processes.

“We started construction on our new plant three year ago and finished the final installment in October. The expansion was necessary to capture growing demand, especially in the fast-growing antibiotic-free category,” noted Davide. “The most futuristic feature of our new plant is the robots, which improve efficiency and prevent injury and human suffering. Technology has rendered our new facility unrecognizable from the plant we built only a decade ago.”

Despite those changes, though, Davide assures me that Daniele Foods is still producing the best possible products in the family’s deeply-rooted artisanal tradition and working toward the same goal—bringing the highest-quality craft meats to the American consumers.

“Every day, we receive emails from Americans who tell us that they enjoyed prosciutto for the first time,” Davide added. “That person may have previously been familiar with only baloney, but now, she has been introduced to something tastier. That is why we do what we do—to make a small improvement in people’s lives.”

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