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DeliMarket News Tries Deli Bros Jerky

DeliMarket News Tries Deli Bros Jerky

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Dehydrated meats never fail to supply one’s senses with updated innovations to the beef jerky trend, and the health-minded products that the DeliMarket News team tried by Deli Bros Jerky were definitely a treat.

Deli Bros line of jerkies boast a moisture-locked selection of flavors, and our office can attest to the moist texture in each bite. Each jerky package’s contents were handcured for 12 hours prior to being dried from all sides, rather than the standard top-dry jerky method. 

Buffalo Chicken Jerky, Deli Bros Jerky

Whisky BBQ, and Buffalo Chicken were two flavors on our list to try. Each bite of the jerkies were infused with first-taste flavor, respective to each of the two products, and was followed by a pleasant lasting aftertaste true to the selection of seasonings and marinades used for each product. 

Deli Bros boasts a bright, attention-grabbing red label for its packages, and a resealable bag which helps maintain the meat's freshness for up to 10-12 months.

Whiskey BBQ, Deli Bros Jerky

All products offered in the line are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, contain no MSG, and are gluten-free (save for the company's third flavor, Peppered Beef).

All flavors are available in 3.5 and 8oz sizes

This is definitely a jerky line that we would bite back into at DeliMarket News, and keep an eye out for our next line of product showcases!

Deli Bros Jerky