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Dietz & Watson's Ashley Fanelli Discusses Fresh-Sliced Grab-and-Go Program

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

With convenience on an upward trajectory with consumers these days, Dietz & Watson is spreading the love and ensuring its retail partners are benefitting from convenience, too. I recently caught up with Ashley Fanelli, Retail Marketing Manager for Dietz & Watson, to learn more about the company’s latest program simplifying hassle along the chain from retail to consumers.

Ashley Fanelli, Retail Marketing Manager, Dietz & Watson“We’re showcasing our patent-pending, Fresh-Sliced Grab-N-Go program,” Ashely shares with me. “The Fresh-Sliced Grab-N-Go program is pre-slicing deli meats and cheeses within our factory. It looks exactly like what you would order at the deli counter, however, there’s huge labor savings for our retail partners that allows them to provide their shoppers with the same quality, offerings, and service, and all they have to do is just open the box and merchandise.”

Dietz & Watson's Fresh-Sliced Grab-and-Go Program benefits retailers and consumers

Ashley goes on to explain how the packaging is simple, like the process. Once in-store, there’s no slicing or additional involvement on the retail slide. To offer shoppers a great experience, retailers simply have to open it, seal it, stick it, and sell it.

“Being almost an 80-year-old company, we have over 750 items. So all your favorites: Buffalo Chicken, Sriracha Chicken, and Honey Maple Ham. Your best-sellers and top-performers are available sliced exactly how you would order it right at the deli counter,” Ashely says. “We’re saving a lot of time and a lot of dollars back in their pocket without having to slice pounds and pounds of product to keep up with the demand.”

To offer shoppers a great experience, retailers simply have to open the Fresh-Sliced Grab-N-Go packages, seal it, stick it, and sell it

For more details about Dietz & Watsons’ latest program, watch the video above. And for more on how companies across our industry are boosting convenience, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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