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Dietz & Watson's Lauren Eni and Steve Riley Discuss Originals Line

Dietz & Watson's Lauren Eni and Steve Riley Discuss Originals Line

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Since its inception in 1939, Philadelphia-based deli provider Dietz & Watson has been pursuing a singular goal—“Quality Above All Else.” The family-owned and operated business has been offering premium-quality products and working to anticipate its customers’ changing needs for more than 75 years.

I recently spoke with one of the 4th generation family members at Dietz & Watson, Lauren Eni, VP Brand Strategy, and she is very optimistic about the future of Dietz & Watson and especially the recently introduced Originals line of organic, no antibiotics ever and rBST-free cheeses.

Lauren Eni, VP Brand Strategy, Dietz & Watson“We’ve been working hard on perfecting our Dietz & Watson Originals product line for years now,” said Eni. “This line has dozens of organic and no antibiotics ever meats and snacks as well as more than 25 rBGH-free slicing cheeses and cut & wrapped imported cheeses. Today we are dealing with a more educated, savvy consumer, so we put these new items on the market to satisfy their needs. It’s that simple. We have always produced premium items to serve consumers who have certain standards when it comes to ingredients, and Originals was just the next step in this progression.”

I also spoke with Steve Riley, Communications & Partnership Manager, to find out more about Dietz & Watson and the company’s growing Dietz & Watson Originals line.

Steve Riley, Communications & Partnership Manager, Dietz & Watson“One of the main reasons for the success of the company over the past 78 years has been its ability to not only react to consumer demands, but to anticipate them,” Riley noted. “Today’s consumer wants information on the products they are buying for themselves and their families, and that was very important in Originals packaging development. Today’s consumer wants to know “what’s in it.” But even more importantly with the Dietz & Watson Originals line, they want to know “what’s not in it.

Charcuterie Snacks

With its Dietz & Watson Originals line, the company is providing customers with high-quality products with increasingly on-demand health attributes. The line includes no antibiotics ever (ABF) and organic deli meats, rBGH-free cheeses, imported cut & wrapped cheeses, organic beef hot dogs, and organic snack items including a full line of organic jerky, snack-size cracker-cut cheeses, on the go olive pouches, and over 25 different varieties of salami, cheese, and cracker snack packs.

In addition to the Originals bulk service deli line of products including turkey, beef, chicken, ham, Italian specialties, and slicing cheeses, Steve informed me that the line also includes a myriad of SKUs suitable for a number of supermarket store departments. And Dietz & Watson is currently developing a variety of eye-catching prepacked self-shippers for the Originals Jerky and some of the other snack items.

Italian Specialty Sliced

“Many of the Originals snack items and retail items are being launched on Amazon Fresh right now and are doing very well—a testament to the fact that today’s younger consumers are willing to go the extra mile to purchase organic and antibiotic free products,” Riley added.

To learn more about Dietz & Watson Originals, click here. And for more dairy, deli, and bakery news, check in with us at Deli Market News.

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