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Gochikuru's Meat Bento Box Hits the Market

Gochikuru's Meat Bento Box Hits the Market

Monday, December 4th, 2017

Sirloin, and prime rib, and brisket, OH MY! A new bento box is hitting the market, and it's meaty—literally. Gochikuru created a meat-filled bento box to cater to every protein whim.

Gochikuru's Wagyu Beef Bento Box

This version of the traditional bento box bucks the typical assortment of fish, veggies, soup, and salads by replacing these front-and-center spots with a two-foot delivery of meats that are snuggly tucked into a cow-shaped wooden bento box. Oh, and did I mention that it weighs in at 10 pounds of wagyu beef from Tottori Prefecture?

Cooked sirloin, prime rib, brisket, and tongue top Kinu Musume rice, only to be enhanced by dipping sauces, lime wedges, and wasabi—so, let’s get this straight: meat and rice spiced to perfection? Now we’re speaking my lingo!

Gochikuru's Wagyu Beef

So, what’s the catch? The meat-packed box is not only physically weighty, it is also weighty on the wallet, costing consumers a whopping $2,800 after sales tax, according to Eater. Can you say, “sticker shock”? Well, 10 pounds of food is a lot for one person, you might say. Split 10 ways, the price is cut down to $280 per person—still pricy, but significantly more affordable than the former.

The exclusively meat bento box is offered now through March 31st of 2018 by Gochikuru, so consumers don’t have until the cows come home to get their hands on this meaty offer.

Gochikuru's Wagyu Beef Bento Box

Will this costly, yet tasty, innovation become a new trend in the deli industry? Deli Market News will keep you up-to-date with the latest.


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