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Godshall's Invests in Food Safety With New All-Natural Line

Godshall's Invests in Food Safety With New All-Natural Line

Friday, May 11th, 2018

In an effort to offer farm-to-table, balanced, and cleanly labeled deli meats that meet long shelf-life expectations, Godshall’s Quality Meats is revving up its cleanliness measures. Its latest endeavor aims to ensure its robust flavors, minimally processed meats, and convenient and environmentally friendly packaging maintains its premium quality using advanced technology without the image of “factory farming,” according to a press release.

The focus for its latest efforts is on clean rooms—Ron Godshall and his team of R&D and system design experts looked to bring the most recently applied science for cleanliness to its production of delicious, wholesome, and all-natural meats.

Godshall's new, all-natural line includes flavors such as Rosemary Ham, Turkey Breast with Harissa Marbling, Turkey and Beef Pastrami, and Basil Seasoned Turkey Breast.

Ron Godshall, COO, Godshall's Quality Meat"We all want the fresh, preservative free, all-natural meats our grandparents enjoyed. But the pace of modern life means we rarely shop every day, we want our purchases to stay fresh and flavorful in our refrigerators. We aren't altering or adding to the meat, we're advancing the conditions in which we prepare and pack it," Godshall explained in the press release.

What the company created was a deli slice line produced and packaged in an environment that puts freshness and care at the forefront. To take its recent steps to unprecedented measures, the company uses positive air pressure, filtered and purified, advanced pharmaceutical grade cleaning methods, and a European inspired fresh seal package. By implementing these steps, the company delivers flavorful and hearty meats for consumers to enjoy.

Godshall's Quality Meat Uncured Turkey Pastrami

"Because school lunch packing is a Monday to Friday drill, parents want deli slices that stay fresh all week; as a dad, it's a benefit I'm passionate about,” Godshall shared.

As a result of these measures being taken, the company reports drastic reduction of micro-count, longer shelf life of uncured products, a more vibrant flavor profile, and longer freshness after opening.

How will the introduction of its newly revamped cleanliness efforts assist in the company’s growth with flavor, freshness, and, ultimately, sales? Deli Market News will continue to report on the industry’s latest happenings.

Godshall's Quality Meats