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Godshall's Switches to All-Natural for the Same Price

Godshall's Switches to All-Natural for the Same Price

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

When Godshall's Quality Meats President Mark Godshall decided to go all natural with his company's meats, he refused to choose between quality and cost–keeping its product both attractive to consumers and retailers alike, according to a press release. These values are integral to the company's latest affordable all natural offering: Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon.

“People want to serve their family natural products, but the jump in price is usually a real pinch on the budget,” Mark said. “Plain and simple, I didn't want to accept that.”

Ron Godshall, COO of Godshall's Quality Meats introducing the new All Natural Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon recipe. Available to grocers nationwide for the same price.

Godshall's All Natural Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon is available to grocers nationwide. This represents the culmination of the company's values and growth, since it started as a local butcher shop in 1945. Today this international provisioner keeps its values intact, the statement said. Both the company's private label and branded products appear on tables from coast to coast, with real meat, and real wood smoked turkey bacon.

“We made a commitment and the strategic purchases to back it up," explained new COO, Ron Godshall. "That scale was one of the reasons we are able to make our Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon all natural and hold the cost. Innovation is in our blood, as is a refusal to accept prevailing thought when we know we can do better. Decades ago, we didn't accept that turkey bacon was an inferior tasting product, and developed a recipe that customers tell us is the turkey bacon that pork bacon consumers love. Here, we decided not to follow the orthodoxy of splitting off an all-natural brand at a much higher price point."

Godshall's newest offering gives consumers maximum quality without extra cost.

That innovative approach is what has Godshall's moving off the shelves and onto the tables, as consumer continue to crave clean eating and tasty flavor profiles.

"We're already rolling this product out of our ovens and packing it up for market shelves," said Floyd Kratz, Senior Vice President of Sales. "One of the things we're pleased with is the fact that we're big enough to feed the nation and small enough to be nimble in getting food from farm to table; making quality, wholesome, delicious products at an honest value."

Ultimately, the company emphasized, that is a part of Godshall's mission that will never change.

"While so much has changed with regard to consumer demand and the technology and availability to fulfill it, the thing that hasn't, is our commitment to what's next, since 1945,” Mark added. “New flavors, new ways to keep it fresh, still the same Artisan Butcher family, making what we make for our family, for yours!"

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