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Hershey's to Join the Meat Market with Latest Venture

Hershey's to Join the Meat Market with Latest Venture

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Chocolateit’s the guilty-pleasure treat that delights taste buds and breaks diets every single day. But health-conscious consumers across America have been reducing chocolate consumption over the past decade. To help add a few inches to its bottom (waist)line, Hershey announced that it will begin selling meat snacks through its newly acquired Krave Pure Foods division beginning this summer. 

Marcel Nahm, VP of U.S. Snacks, HersheyMarcel Nahm, VP of U.S. Snacks for Hershey, told Fortune Magazine that meat snacks are a small food category in the U.S., but companies are expecting the health food trend to last.

The company is hoping to tempt customers by providing healthy, protein-dense options for those who have grown weary of your everyday granola bars and yogurt cups. Fortune reported that Hershey bought Krave last year to help make this lateral transition.  

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So what kind of meaty delights can you expect to see, you ask? Business news publication Quartz reported that Krave’s new jerky lineup includes:

  • Black Cherry Barbeque
  • Basil Citrus
  • Pineapple Orange

The new offerings are a response to pressures from decreased demand and increased competition, explains Fortune Mag. The news source states that American households are purchasing several fewer kilograms of chocolate per year now compared to 10 years ago, and Hershey now has a smaller portion of chocolate sales than higher-end, small-batch chocolatiers like Lindt, Lindor, and Ghirardelli.

For more on the changing landscape of snacking trends, DeliMarket news will be your catch-all source.

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