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Jack Link's® Launches Hangry Hacks™ Campaign

Jack Link's® Launches Hangry Hacks™ Campaign

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

For anyone who has had to work with someone going to a late lunch or, heaven forbid, skipping it completely, you know that hanger is real and dangerous.

But, Jack Link’s says that with its latest campaign, hanger has met its match.

Kevin Papacek, Director of Marketing, Jack Link's"We've all had those flashes of insanity caused by debilitating hunger, whether in the office, at the gym or while driving, and we wanted to show how to hack that hanger with Jack Link's," Kevin Papacek, Director of Marketing at Jack Link's, said in a press release. "Our Hangry campaign is a favorite among fans because it's a universal feeling, and this year we're turning it up with creative, wild hacks that can tackle any hangry moment."

Aptly called Hangry Hacks, the company said that this latest campaign builds on its mantra “Feed Your Wild Side,” using a fully-integrated marketing campaign, including hands-on demonstrations, social activations and nationally-aired television commercials featuring popular YouTube personalities, to help consumers tackle that “gnarly” hanger.

"There's almost a hack for anything in life, so why not a hack to cure your hangry?" said Papacek. "By itself, Jack Link's jerky is the easiest hangry hack – it's protein packed, portable, and it tastes great. Combine that with some of the most innovative makers out there and you've got some ultimate hangry hacks."

Initially launched in 2014, the campaign has enjoyed television success and will now be distributing videos on-air and online through channels like ESPN, Hulu, and YouTube.

Jack Link's is partnering with makers to create their own Hangry Hacks as part of a Hangry Hack-A-Thon to demonstrate how Hangry Hacks can be performed by anyone, anywhere, hosted by YouTube personality and competitive eater Furious Pete. Because who else knows hanger so well?

Other pushes to the campaign include:

  • Participation in the well-attended Maker Faire in San Mateo on May 20-22
  • A vote by hands on favorite Hangry Hacks
  • Spots with additional YouTube influencers Geo Antoinette, the Hodge Twins, and Josh Leyva

Will hanger be banished by this wide-reaching campaign? What other ideas will come to combat the epidemic? Keep checking in with DeliMarket News as we report on all the latest in snacking and beyond.

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