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Jeremy Schaller, President of Schaller & Weber, Discusses Company Foundation, Move to All-Natural

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Drawing strength from its roots, the Schaller & Weber brand is in the midst of some major growth with no end in site. At the core of it, is the heritage instilled in the company’s founding. 

Jeremy Schaller, President of the company, recently took the time to tell me just how the company differentiates itself in the competitive artisan meat market, and what’s ahead for the future. 

Jeremy Schaller, President, Schaller & Weber“What makes us different, is we’re a German-based charcuterie company,” Jeremy says. 

Jeremy’s grandfather first started the company when he immigrated to the U.S. from Germany, opening Schaller & Weber’s first deli in 1937. From there, the company has accrued fans with its timeless offerings and unique flavor profiles

The company’s German heritage is part of what inspires its specific presence and flavors, distinguishing it from Italian and Spanish charcuteries in the market. 

Schaller & Webber

“Germans, just based on the location and history of what it is, typically use a lot more smoke than doing a lot of air dried [methods],” Jeremy tells me. 

Melding history with modern day consumer demands, the company is also moving its entire product line towards all natural. While half of Schaller & Weber’s products already bear the distinction, the rest of its offerings will also be all-natural moving forward into the next year.

Want to learn more about Schaller & Weber’s line of deli meats and specialty products? Watch my exclusive interview with Jeremy above.

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